Dear Friends of Wheelchairdancing,

For the second time Frankfurt will have an Para Dance Sport approved competition. 2005 we had already a very nice small competition, so we are now very proud to send you all the entry form and the accommodation for the WPDS Competition as well.
Date: Saturday May 19 2018 and Sunday May 20 2018 (see categories)

Please read all this information carefully and fill out the forms as complete as possible. There is a special accommodation, this can only be booked and payed through the hotel. (see papers)

Please send your hotel bookings till 7.April 2018 directly to the hotel, after this date there will be no guarantee to get rooms.
The transportation from airport to the hotel and back again must be paid to the LOC please fill out the special form.
If there are any problems please e-mail or call us. We hope you will be able to join us!

Download form Entry form categories

Download Entry package

Download form Flightn detail

Download form Officials / Staff

Download form Program tickets

Download form Senior competition

Download Reservierungs sheet

German Wheelchair Sport Association
Wheelchair Dance Sport
Rheinstrasse 30
D.63225 Langen
Phone:0049 15115143288
Contact person: Marion Milz

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