Die Residenz Münster e.V. invites in cooperation with Stichting Rolstoeldansen Nederland and Tanzsportverband Nordrhein- Westfalen Dancers and guests to dance competitions and dance presentations. We are looking forward to many participants and guests with and without handicap.

Euregio-Competitions for dancers with physical, visual, hearing and mental handicap, dance couples without handicap and „All-inclusive Euregio-Team-Match“



Download  Application Form Dance Contest

Download  Application Form (One form for each couple)

Dear Dancer,
In the Dowloads you will find all relevant documents for the British Open

  • SATURDAY 12th OCTOBER 2019
  • SUNDAY 13th OCTOBER 2019
  • MONDAY 14th OCTOBER 2019

We hope that you will be able to join us. Looking forward to receiving your applications.


Ray Bulpitt

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Dear Friends of Wheelchair Para Dance,
In this package you will find all relevant documents for the

SUNDAY 30th JUNE 2019

We hope that dancers from your country will be able to join us.

Looking forward to your applications,

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Tijdens de Paasdagen 2019 wordt de 31e editie van het Holland Dans Spektakel georganiseerd door Stichting Brabant Danst en Stichting Rolstoeldansen Nederland.
vrijdag 19 april 2019 in Hotel Cuijk, zaterdag 20 april en zondag 21 april 2019 in Laco Sportcentrum Sint Annastraat 1, 5431 BE, Cuijk, telefoon 0485 – 314953
zaal open 9.00 uur, aanvang van de wedstrijd 10.00 uur Zie bijgesloten wedstrijd overzicht.
Er zijn Non-IPC wedstrijden en IPC competities.

Download  De uitnodiging

Download  De categorieën van vrijdag

Download  De categorieën van zaterdag

Download  De categorieën van zondag

Download  Het overzicht per dag

Download  The invitation

Download  The accomodation info

Download  The information package

Download  Globaal Tijdschema vrijdag

Download  Globaal Tijdschema zaterdag

Download  Globaal Tijdschema zondag

2019 Para Dance Sport Mainhatten Cup, Germany

Date: 1.and 2.June 2019

ear Friends of Wheelchairdancing
For the 4th time Frankfurt will have an Para Dance Sport approved competition. 2005 we had already a very nice small competition, so we are now very proud to send you all the entry form and the accommodation for the WPDS Competition as well.

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Dear friends of wheelchair dancing

After a successful first Danish Wheelchair Dance Cup in 2017, the Danish Wheelchair Dance in cooperation with Sportsdanserforbundet, are happy to invite you to the second Danish Wheelchair Dance Cup 2019 in the weekend

Saturday 8th of June 2019 and Sunday 9th of June 2019

Download  The Invitation Download  The Categories Saturday

Download  The Registration Form Download  The Categories Sunday