Wheelchair dancing is pleasure …ànd a great sport

Wheelchair dancing is a very accessible leisure activity for wheelchair users and can not be missing from their palette of options. The I.W.D.F. is a foundation with the ambitious objective to promote recreational and social wheelchair dancing all over the world.

Dancing in a wheelchair has a lot of forms and possibilities. Two wheelchair users can dance together in “duo”. When a wheelchair user dances with a standing person we call it “combi”. Wheelchair dancing is done in the classic ballroom dances but even so in actual forms as salsa, Argentine tango or hip-hop…

The International Wheelchair Dance Foundation helps instructors to develop recreational wheelchair dancing and aims to make them familiar with the right techniques but also, and not the least, to create a worldwide forum of “wheelchair-dance-friends”.

Wheelchair dancing across borders. Why not…

Competitive wheelchair dancing is internationally administered by the International Paralympic Committee. This organization focuses on the organization of world championships, regional championships and IPC-recognized dance competitions. Paralympic athletes however, represent only a small part of all wheelchair users that participate in social or competitive wheelchair dancing.

For instructors there is currently no forum where cross-border exchange of information and expertise is possible. Contemporary dance forms now ask for attention and conversion into the wheelchair dancing. We also note that in some countries, wheelchair dancing is not developed yet. Support is most welcome there.
The mission of the IWDA is as wide as possible: ”The promotion of mental and physical well-being of disabled persons and wheelchair users by dancing across borders”.

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Corrie van Hugten, president IWDF
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